#FireVicky is a campaign launched by Rural Progress with the goal of ending Tea Party Republican, Vicky Hartzler’s 8-year long reign as Congresswoman of Missouri’s 4th District.

Vicky was elected into Congressional office in the 2010 Republican sweep ending Democrat Ike Skelton’s thirty-four-year career. While Vicky has been in office just a short period of time compared to her predecessor, she has managed to do quite a bit of damage. Known for being a leading voice for hate and bigotry in Washington and gutting life-saving government programs, her selfish tactics and lack of morals are hurting the families in Missouri’s 4th District. Frankly, we are sick of it.

If you’re still not convinced, here is a list of Vicky’s most abysmal accomplishments since taking Congressional office:

  • Voted to take away health coverage for Missouri families
  • Voted to take away emergency food assistance for children and the disabled
  • Advocated for ending the Federal reduced/Free school lunch programs for children in need
  • Voted to reduce Snap funding and publicly advocated for the elimination of the program
  • Voted to Reduce Pell Grants and advocated for reducing the Federal Education Budget
  • Tried and failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act over 70 times
  • Paved the way for the Transgender Military Ban
  • Pocketed $750,000 in Farm subsidies (and finally found a government program she did like)

Hate, greed, and bigotry have no place in Congress. So, please, join us in ensuring Vicky Hartzler gets a pink slip this November and we can rid Washington of one more bad apple. The citizens of Missouri’s 4th District, and of America, deserve better.

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